The Flames. Shanghai Port FC lost to Shandong Taishan by 0-1,and won the second place in the CFA Cup 2021



Tonight, the 2021 China Football Association Cup final was held at Chengdu Fenghuangshan sports stadium. Shanghai Port FC lost to Shandong Taishan by 0-1 and finally won the second place of the CFA Cup.

Zhang Huachen appear in the starting lineup, and He Guan to be the sweeper


In this game, Shanghai Port FC is still facing the difficulty of incomplete squad. Coach Leko adjusted the starting lineup to a certain extent. He Guan to serve as the trailing center back, right center back Wang Shenchao and left center back Yu Hai. The team's starting U23 player is Zhang Huachen. The personnel arrangement in other positions is the same as from the recent games.

fight hard and regretted didn't score


In the first half, the two teams played cautiously, attacking and defending each other. In the 16th minute, Shanghai Port FC created an opportunity in a corner attack. Unfortunately, Yu Hai's shot in the penalty area was dissolved by Shandong Taishan’s goalkeeper. In the 21’minute, Yu Hai was replaced by Li Ang because he was injured in the game and couldn't continue. At the end of the half-time, both sides drew 0-0.


The second half of the game was still tough, and the two teams also looked for a breakthrough replacement. In the 70’minute, Shanghai Port FC replaced forward Liu Zhurun and back waist Yang Shiyuan. The 82’ minute, Shandong Taishan used a free kick to break the deadlock. Zheng Zheng's direct shot hit the goal net. After Yan Junling hit the ball, Shandong Taishan central defender Jia Desong shot the world wave to score the goal. Although the team made every effort to enhance the attack, it was still unable to tie up the score.


Finally, Shanghai Port FC finished the CFA Cup this season.



 Leko  players tried their best to do better in the next season

Shanghai Port head coach Leko said after the game: "Congratulations to Shandong Taishan on winning the CFA Cup. When the opportunity appeared, we failed to seize it, and the opponent make it better, which decided the battle situation. That's the case in the final of the competition. But I also congratulate to our players. They did their best, and I can't ask for more. They played very hard all year, and it's sad that they didn't win the championship, but life has to continue, we reached the final, met the best opponents, and only second, which also proves our strength. I hope the team can do better next season. I am certainly not satisfied with the two runners up in the Chinese Super League and the CFA Cup. "

About the tactical layout of the game, Leko said: "our game strategy is to limit the opponent's advantages and play out our own style. I am very satisfied with the players' performance today. The players do their best in terms of technology, physical fitness and spirit. This year, Shandong Taishan is definitely a better team. They are dominant in all aspects. Next, we will make a good analysis and summary."

Talking about the team's injuries again, Leko said: "I personally have many excuses and reasons to say why there is no champion, but I am not such a person. As long as the team tries its best, even if it fails in the end, I accept the reality. As for the team's injury problem, we have indeed encountered a lot in the season and the foreign player is not complete. We can only say that we have played hard, but it is not enough. We will raise our head and admit that the opponent performs better in the game and to do better in the next season. "

Hao Wei said: "First of all, I would like to thanks to the fans for all our efforts, and the victory belongs to them. The second is to thanks to the players and leaders for their assistance to me over the past years. Finally, I would like to thanks to my family for their support for my work. This year is not easy and I have been wandering outside for a long time. I am honored to be the local twice win champion coach, but this championship is for everyone."


GK: Yan Junling

DF: Wang Shenchao; He Guan( 90’Li Shenglong); Yu Hai ( 26’Li Ang)

MF: Li Shenyuan; Zhang Huachen ( 70’Liu Zhurun); Mooy;Murahmetjan( 70’Yang Shiyuan); Oscar; Lyu Wenjun

FW: Hu Jinghang



According to the requirements of epidemic prevention, the fans of tonight's CFA Cup final were unable to enter and watch the game, but many fans waited outside the stadium in advance for the team bus to give encouragement to the players with applause and cheering. Some fans also picked up the team at the airport yesterday.


Although the team failed to win the game, the giant tifo made by Shanghai Port FC supporters still gave the team strength on the field. With the accompany of all their fans, the team will also make a good summary and continue to play hard to make further progress in the next season.

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