The Flames. Shanghai Port FC beat Guangzhou FC by 1-0 and won the second place in the Chinese Super League



This afternoon, for the last round of championship group of Chinese Super League, Shanghai Port FC won a 1-0 victory over Guangzhou FC with the goal of young player Liu Zhurun, and finally won the second place of the Chinese Super League in 2021.

The defend line is experiencing injuries, lineup and standing position have been adjusted


In this game, because the injury situation of Shanghai Port FC on the defend line is not optimistic, head coach Leko placed the right defender Li Shenyuan in the position of the right central defender, and arranged the players Hu Jinghang, Liu Zhurun and Oscar who came off the bench in the previous round to be participated on the forward line.

Liu Zhurun pad shooting to score the goal


As today's three center backs of Shanghai Port FC which used for the first time in this season, the cooperation and tactical understanding in the defense line are not as good as the main team. Guangzhou FC took the lead in getting two good chances, but failed to turn them into goals. Shanghai Port FC scored in the 28’ minute. Lyu Wenjun stuffed behind the opponent's defense line. Liu Zhurun runs individually and rubbed the ball into the goal net before the goalkeeper of Guangzhou FC try to saved. At end of the half-time, Shanghai Port FC takes the led with 1-0.


In the second half, Guangzhou FC was more aggressive. Especially after Liu Zhurun was injured in the 68’minute, Shanghai Port FC which has less an attack point on the forward line, was in a more passive situation. In the additional time, Yu Hai committed a handball foul in his own penalty area. Guangzhou FC captain Zhang Linpeng missed the penalty kick. Shanghai Port FC maintained the 1-0 score till the end.

Shanghai Port FC ended the Chinese Super League this season with a victory. The total record in 22 rounds was 13 wins, 6 draws and 3 losses, ranking second in the final. At the same time, Shanghai Port FC is also the team with the least fumble this season.


Next, Shanghai Port FC will go to Chengdu, to prepare for the CFA Cup final 2021 against Shandong Taishan on the 9th January. 



 Leko  Recognize the team's performance and prepare for the CFA Cup tomorrow

Shanghai Port FC head coach Leko said at the post -game press conference: "In such a special season, I am very satisfied with the performance of the players. It should be said that after a year of hard training and competition, we finally finished as second place in the league. Considering the various problems encountered in this year, this is also a good result, which is very important to us. In today's difficult game, the opponent performed better than us and created great achievements, we have more opportunities, perhaps based on all our previous efforts, and luckily finally stands by our side. I am very proud of the performance of the players. I congratulate them and the team on winning the game. At the same time, I also congratulate our opponents. They are a very good team and the players are very good, but this is the uncertainty of the football game. The team with good performance may not necessarily win. This happens sometimes. "

Summarize the entire CSL season, Leko said: "I have two feelings. One is that I'm unhappy that I didn't win the final championship. Our goal is always to win the championship. On the other hand, when the team played at its best and showed for full strength, I saw a lot of good things. In many games, the players can play at their own style, which I'm satisfied with. Every team and every coach, would like to win the championship. When you don't achieve your goal, you won't be 100% satisfied. But considering some problems and difficulties in our lineup and other aspects this season, as a coach, I recognize the performance of the team. We should apply the lessons of this season to the next season. Next season, when we are striving towards greater goals, these past experiences can help the team to grow and improve. "

About the CFA Cup final, Leko said: "The players are really tired. Don't forget that our team has to run more than 120000 meters in each game. It is one of the teams with the best physical fitness in the China Super League. Every player is playing hard from the first minute to the ninetieth minute, which makes our team tired physically and mentally. There is a game after four days, we can relax and enjoy the joy of victory. From tomorrow, we need to improve in all aspects as much as possible to prepare for Sunday's CFA Cup final. "

Liu Zhiyu, acting head coach of Guangzhou FC, said after the game: "It's a pity that everyone played well until the end. We still have to thanks to every player and staff. There are many supporters outside today, and we also thanks to them. In the first half, we didn't take several opportunities, there's no other way. Football is like this. If you don't score, you'll lose points. The players' mentality was a bit rush for certain time, and then slowly adjusted, but the time is running out. Everyone is disappointed that they didn't win the last game, but I'm proud of them. At the end of the season, everyone is physically and mentally tired, we can talk about the things later after a good rest. "


GK: Yan Junling

DF: Li Shenyuan; He Guan; Yu Hai

MF: Zhang Huachen( 58’ Zhang Wei); Mooy ( 81’ Yang Shiyuan);Murahmetjan; Lyu Wenjun

FW: Liu Zhurun ( 68’ Abulahan); Hu Jinghang( 81’ Li Shenglong); Oscar

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