The Flames. Hu Jinghang pass and shot, Mooy scored the goal, Shanghai Port FC drawn 2-2 with Shandong Taishan

This afternoon, in the 21st round of the second stage Championship Group of Chinese Super League, Shanghai Port FC drew 2-2 with Shandong Taishan, who had won the championship ahead of schedule. Two substitute players Hu Jinghang and Mooy both scored goals.

Big rotation on the starting lineup

Compared with the previous round, Shanghai Port FC head coach Leko made a substantial rotation on the starting lineup to play with all Chinese players, Oscar and Mooy sat on the bench. The starting goalkeeper is Chen Wei; three of the middle DF are Fu Huan, Wang Shenchao and Yu Hai; Zhang Wei and Chen Chunxin served as the left and right side back; In the midfield, there are Murahmetjan, Yang Shiyuan, Zhang Yi and Zhang Huachen; the FW is Li Shenglong.

 Hu Jinghang dedicated his shot and Mooy scored the goal 

Just 8 minute of the game, Shandong Taishan threatened the right squad of Shanghai Port FC, let Duan Liuyu shot successfully. After losing the ball, Shanghai Port FC played actively, but did not create too many scoring opportunities. At the end of the half-time, Shanghai Port FC fell behind 0-1 temporarily.

In the second half, the game went on very smoothly. In the 66minute, head coach Leko made personnel adjustment and suddenly replaced four players: Oscar, Mooy, Lyu Wenjun and Hu Jinghang. In the 69minute, the replacement of the Shanghai Port FC received the effect and equalized the score. Oscar sent the ball into the penalty area, Li Shenglong made a wonderful pass with his heel, and Hu Jinghang made a powerful volley to break the goal. In the 76minute, Shanghai Port FC quickly counterattacked. Mooy pushed the ball to the front of the penalty area and distributed the ball to Hu Jinghang on the right. Mooy, who rushed into the penalty area, scored from Hu Jinghang's cross, helping Shanghai Port FC surpass the score. At the last moment of additional time, Shandong Taishan Moises made a point and Wang Shenchao was sent off with a red card while sentencing a penalty. Moises hit the penalty kick and fixed the final score to 2-2.

On the 4th January (next Tuesday), Shanghai Port FC will expecting the last game of the Chinese Super League this season, against Guangzhou FC.

In today's match against Shandong Taishan, Lyu Wenjun came on as a substitute to expecting his 200 games in China Super League on behalf of Shanghai Port FC. Since he entered the professional league, Lyu Wenjun has always accompanied with the club, witness setbacks and glory, and recorded his efforts and growth. Lyu Wenjun contributed key goals in winning the China Super League Championship in 2018 and the China Football Association Super Cup in 2019. After years, he is still running for his dream and looking forward to unlocking more records together in the future!

 Leko  The overall performance of the players was good, but the result was a little regrettable

Shanghai Port FC head coach Leko said after the game: "The penalty at the last moment made the opponent equalize the score, which was disappointing. Our players performed well overall. In the case of intensive schedule, it was very difficult to prepare for the game, and it was not easy for everyone. What makes me feel a little relaxed is that after the game, there will only be the last round of the league. I hope I can find the right player in the next game. Congratulations again to Shandong Taishan. Their performance is worth of this year's champion. As for the arrangement of Oscar and Mooy as substitutes, it is because their physical condition does not meet the starting requirements. There is no other reason. We always have one goal which is to win.


Leko also commented on Hu Jinghang. "He is a very potential Chinese player, but he has very few opportunities to play before. In recent weeks, I found that he was aware of his previous problems and performed very well in training. In today's game, I am glad to see that he showed his level."

Hao Wei, head coach of Shandong Taishan has said at the press conference: "congratulations to the young players, they played better than the last game, played at a high level, and everyone did well in the tactical system. This game was meant to prevent injuries. Winning or losing is not important to us."

GK: Chen Wei

DF: Fu Huan; Wang Shenchao; Yu Hai

MF: Zhang Wei; Zhang Huachen ( 66 Hu Jinghang); Yang Shiyuan; Murahmetjan ( 66 Oscar); Zhang Yi ( 66 Mooy); Chen Chunxin( 66 Lyu Wenjun)

FW: Li Shenglong ( 86 Liu Zhurun)

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