The Flames. Li Shenyuan and Oscar made great achievements by passing and shooting, Liu Zhurun scored his first goal in CSL, Shanghai Port FC beat Shenzhen FC by 3-1



The 19th round of the championship group in the second stage of the Chinese Super League in 2021, Shanghai Port FC defeated Shenzhen FC by 3-1 with the goals scored by Liu Zhurun, Li Shenyuan and Oscar.

 continue to use the starting lineup as met for the 1st round 



In this game, head coach Leko continue to use the starting lineup when the two teams met for the first time. Wang Shenchao appeared again in the position of the back waist. The three central defenders were Wei Zhen, He Guan and Yu Hai; On the forward line, Liu Zhurun takes the position.

 Oscar passes and shoots, Liu Zhurun scored the first goal in China Super League 


Shanghai Port FC started well and scored in the 8 minute. Oscar's midfield instigated the attack and passed the ball to Li Shenyuan, who was vacant on the right side. In the latter's bottom pass, young player Liu Zhurun grabbed the other goalkeeper and guard before blocking, and shook his head to attack the goal successfully. This is also Liu Zhurun's first super league goal in his career. In the 18minute, Shenzhen FC made a quick counterattack and scored from a small angle by Acheampong to equalizing the score. Since then, both sides have some opportunities, but either side has been able to turn into a goal. At the end of the half-time, two teams temporarily drew with 1-1.


In the second half, Shanghai Port FC took the lead again in the 62 minute. Oscar passed the precise ball behind him, and right defender Li Shenyuan inserted to face the goalkeeper then score calmly. This is Oscar's 10th assist in the Chinese Super League this season. He is currently ranked first in the assisting list. In the 65 minute, Paulinho tripped over his opponent in the penalty area of Shenzhen FC, and Shanghai Port FC got a penalty. Oscar scored the penalty and changed the scored into two.


Shanghai Port FC kept the score of 3-1 until end of the game. The team's next game will be play against Guangzhou city on the 29th Dec @ 20:00 pm.



 Leko   Victory helps to improve confidence and players play out their own style

Shanghai Port FC head coach Leko said after the game: "I should say that this is a very interesting and open game. Both teams are inclined to attack. On the pitch, we are the better side, hold the ball and create a lot of opportunities. From the first minute, the team played at their best since the beginning. Facing the opponent, we should score more goals as much as possible to kill the game early, but we didn't do it in the first half, tied up 1-1 with the opponent. In the second half, the players carry out their style, scored goals and locked the victory. "

Leko has also said: "Every victory will enhance the self-confidence of the whole team. Four games in the first cycle, we played well in three of them. Although we didn't win the game with Guangzhou FC, we were the better side on the field. Today's performance of the players is also very good, which makes us feel that we have returned to the ordinary playing method, the pace of the game is on the right track. We didn't score in the first two games. Under the circumstances today, we created some scoring opportunities and scored goals. After going back, we will briefly enjoy the joy of victory, and we will prepare for the next round from tomorrow. "

Granero, the head coach of Shenzhen FC has said: "The most important thing in the football world is the final result. When we left the field today, we felt very bad. We saw the gap between the two teams, the stronger team and another stronger team on the way. In the process of the game, we always felt that we had the opportunity to win, took the initiative of the game at many times and created a lot of threats in the 1-1 game, at that time, I didn't expect the opponent to score a second goal. This is the ability of a strong team. Two opportunities turn into two goals. In fact, when we fall behind 1:3, we still have a chance and the players are still fighting. Everyone played very hard. I'm proud of their efforts and hard work. If we hadn't faced this opponent today, we might have won the game. We will make a good summary and prepare for the next game. "


GK: Yan Junling

DF: He Guan ( 60 Yang Shiyuan); Wei Zhen; Yu Hai

MF: Li Shenyuan; Mooy ( 87 Murahmetjan); Wang Shenchao; Lyu Wenjun

FW: Paulinho (78 Abulahan); Liu Zhurun ( 78 Hu Jingang); Oscar

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