The Flames. Shanghai Port FC drew 0-0 with Guangzhou FC



In the fourth round of the Chinese Super League Championship Group which ended tonight, Shanghai Port FC drew 0-0 with Guangzhou FC.

 Small rotation in the first round and Paulinho has return 


In this game, Brazilian player Paulinho, who was suspended in the last round has returned to the starting line-up and appeared on the team's attack line. Yu Hai on the defend line replaced Li Ang who started in the first two rounds, and Wang Shenchao also got a rest. Murahmetjan started instead of him. In addition, head coach Leko arranged young player Liu Zhurun in the attack line.

 better side on the pitch, but result was draw 


The first half of the game started in a high confrontation and fast pace, Shanghai Port FC had an advantage in controlling the ball, but there were few opportunities to change the scores. In the first half, both teams made no achievements and entered the halftime with a 0-0 score.


In the second half, Shanghai Port FC continued to attack actively and made threats for many times, but Guangzhou FC was well defended and could not really tear apart the other team's defense line. Head coach Leko tried to change the situation by changing players, but both sides failed to score goals in the end.

Finally, Shanghai Port FC drew 0-0 with Guangzhou FC.


This Sunday, Shanghai Port FC will play against Shenzhen FC in the fifth round of the championship group.



 Leko  hope the team can accumulate experience and improve continuously through the game

At the post- game press conference, Shanghai Port FC head coach Leko said: "I have two feelings about this game. First, the draw disappointed me a little. I think we should have a better result. In the game, we tried to play pass control football, try to take risks to attack and score goals. Guangzhou FC is a very strong opponent. In the first three games, they are also the active side, with excellent players and organized at both ends of attack and defense. Another point is that I am satisfied with the players' performance on the pitch today. You know, the team just experienced a very difficult game three days ago. Today, the team is back on track and has played the technical, tactical and spiritual appearance which we wanted. Of course, we still lack in the game of killing in front of the goal. I hope the team will continue to improve through the experience learned in the game, and we will turn our attention to the next game as soon as possible. "

About the brilliant performance of Shandong Taishan in this season, Leko said: "I respect Shandong Taishan very much. They have played a perfect season with full preparations and very good personnel integrity, so they have been winning. On the other hand, their achievements have nothing to do with us. As the head coach of Shanghai Port FC, I am dedicated to making my team better. With the efforts of the past year, the team has made great progress in many aspects, it has been improved. We will pay attention to our own performance and our current opponents, including Shenzhen FC in the next game. "

Liu Zhiyu, the head coach of Guangzhou FC has said at the press conference after the game: "thanks to the players and all the staff for their efforts. Today's game is very difficult and tough. The two teams are not so good at shooting after breaking through, we will improve more in the later training."


GK: Yan Junling

DF: He Guan; Wei Zhen; Yu Hai ( 84 Wang Shenchao)

MF: Li Shenyuan; Mooy ( 84 Chen ChunxinMurahmetjan 76Hu Jinghang ; Lyu Wenjun ( 90 Li Shenglong)

FW: Paulinho Liu Zhurun( 76Abulahan); Oscar

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