The Flames. Four players scored their first goal in CSL, and Shanghai Port FC beat Tianjin JM tiger by 5-0



Tonight, in the 8th round of Chinese Super League, Shanghai Port FC defeat Tianjin Jinmen tiger by 5-0, and finally ranked second in Suzhou area with 28 points in the first stage of the Chinese Super League, therefore they has entered the next stage of the championship group.

Paulinho returned to the starting lineup and Mooy entered the substitution


In this game, Yang Shiyuan, was absent due to injury. Although the Brazilian FW Lopes was injured his ankle in the previous round did not enter the starting list, but he is still appeared in the substitution list. At the same time, Australian player Mooy who recently returned to the team who is also there.

The three center DF of Shanghai Port FC are He Guan, Wei Zhen and Li Ang; Wang Shenchao plays as guest role in the back position. Another player in the midfield is U23 young player Zhang Huachen, Lyu Wenjun and Li Shenyuan serve as in the left and right sides; the three players in the attack line are Li Shenglong, Oscar and Paulinho, who has returned to the team.

Four of Shanghai Port players scored their first goal of China Super League


After the game started, Shanghai Port FC dominate the side of attack. In the 3 minute, Li Shenglong scored a goal, but the goal was invalid because he was offside first. In the 26 minute, Li Shenglong received the ball at the opponents penalty area and gave it to Paulinho. Paulinho enter the penalty area after receiving the ball from Oscar, he passed the ball with his back heel and scored the goal. This is not only Paulinhos first goal in Shanghai Port FC, but also his first goal after he came to Chinese Super League. In the 39minute, Oscar opened a corner and the ball fell to the back point. Wei Zhen scored with a shot after confronting the other player. The 24-year-old center back scored his first goal in the first team of his career. At the end of the first half, Shanghai Port FC temporarily took a 2-0 lead.



In the 58minute of the second half, Paulinho scored the second goal with a long-range shot. Then, the Brazilian FW Lopes came on as a substitute. In the 62 minute, Oscar opened a corner and Li Ang scored a header, which was also the first goal after joining Shanghai Port FC. Oscar has completed the assist as "hat trick". In the 63 minute, Tianjin Jinmen tiger DF Li Songyi shoveled down Lopes behind him and was sent off with a red card. After that, Shanghai Port FC successively replaced young players such as Jia Boyan, Abulahan Halike, Chen Binbin and Chen Chunxin. In the 81minute, Paulinho opened a corner and Chen Chunxin scored a header, which was also the first goal for the Chinese Super League. In the 89 minute, the player from JM tiger Chen Kerui kicked Paulinho, and Tianjin JM tiger received a red card again.


Finally, Shanghai Port FC defeated Jinmen tiger by 5:0 and completed the first stage of the CSL with a victory.



LekoRecognize the performance of the first stage and continue to make progress

Shanghai Port FC head coach Leko said at the post- game press conference: "this game is excellent. Everyone entered a good state at the beginning of the game. The environment of the stadium was very good, which is also conducive to our passing and receiving. From the first second to the last minute of the game, we all firmly handle the situation. It's a wonderful thing to end the first stage with such a victory, and I want to congratulate to my players. Recently, we also encountered a lot of problems, but we worked together to make this stage well and persevered. I am very satisfied. When we get back, we will make good preparations for the championship group. "

Leko also revealed that after returning to Shanghai, the team will have a two weeks holiday, "let the players rest mentally and physically. After that, our team needs to continue to grow together and become better in all aspects. At this stage of the game, we did better than at the beginning of the league, but our personal performance was not as good as at the beginning of the new season. Next, we wil improve our physical fitness, techniques and tactics as well as integrity. After the team has been together for more than seven months, we will continue to work hard to achieve this year.


GK: Yan Junling

DF: He Guan; Wei Zhen; Li Ang

MF: Li Shenyuan ( 71 Abulahan Halike); Zhang Huachen ( 71 Jiaboyan); Wang Shenchao; Lyu Wenjun ( 77 Chen Binbin)

FW: Paulinho; Li Shenglong ( 60 Lopes); Oscar ( 77 Chen Chunxin)

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