The Flames. Yang Shiyuan and Lopes was injured and got sent off, Shanghai Port FC lost to Hebei FC by 0-1



This afternoon, in the 14th round of the Chinese Super League, Shanghai Port FC lost to Hebei FC by 0-1.

Paulinho evaded, another two foreign player enter the starting lineup


In this game, Paulinho, the Brazilian foreign player of Shanghai Port FC, was unable to play because of the "avoidance clause", and Mirahmetjan replace him; Brazilian FW Lopes is back in the starting lineup.

Yang Shiyuan and Lopes got injured ,Yan Junling keep the ball save


In the 8minute at the beginning of the first half, Yang Shiyuan, the main defender of Shanghai Port FC, injured his knee in a midfield scramble and was unable to insist, so he had to leave early. In the 25minute, Lopes single shot was saved by the goalkeeper of Hebei FC and he collided with his competitor because of this shot and was also injured got sent off.

In the 31minute, Shanghai Port FC played a wonderful cooperation in the front field. Mirahmetjan took the header shot after Oscar pass the ball. Unfortunately, he was blocked by the goalkeeper of Hebei FC. The follow-up shot was kick by Lyu Wenjun which hit the beam and popped up. Zhang Huachen's make-up shot again was still rejected by the goalkeeper of the competitor. In the 34minute, Hebei FC scored by Yin Hongbo through a quick counterattack. At the end of the half-time, Shanghai Port FC fell behind 0-1 temporarily.


In the 50minute of the second half, Yu Hai was sent off by a red card for pulling a foul when defending the other party's rapid counterattack. Shanghai Port FC has one man less.


In the 64minute, Abulahan committed a foul in the penalty area. The video assistant referee has involved and awarded a penalty. The penalty taken by Hebei FC Memišević was saved by Yan Junling. In the 71minute, Hebei FC used a quick counterattack and scored a single goal by substitute striker Silva, but the goal was invalid because he was offside first. Since then, although Shanghai Port FC went all out to equalize the score, Li Shenglong also got several scoring opportunities, but they all missed it.


Finally, Shanghai Port FC failed to score and lost to Hebei FC by 0-1. This Sunday, Shanghai Port FC will play against Tianjin Jinmen tiger, which is also the last game of the first stage for the team.


Leko : Recognize the player's hard work and tenacity, and accept the circumstances of the situation


Shanghai Port FC head coach Leko said after the game: "it was a very difficult game. We created a lot of opportunities and should have achieved a better result. Today's start was a bit unfavorable. We had two or three chances to score in the first half. Unfortunately, we didn't get it, and we didn't have good luck. Two starting players left the game due to injury. Paulinho cant play in this game also has an impact. But the players had a very good attitude in the game. They fought until the last minute. Especially in the second half, the team showed tenacity and hard work. Congratulations on the victory of Hebei FC. We accept the defeat. Next, we will analyze the reasons for the loss and prepare for the next game. I don't comment too much on the red card. When one person is less and the schedule is tight, it must have a great impact. "


For the team's physical fitness, Leko believes that from the statics, Shanghai Port FC is the leader in this division. "In the previous eight games, I am satisfied with the players' physical performance. The current points are due to their unremitting efforts. In addition, there are many local young players in the team, so it is normal for the state to fluctuate. We also accept such a process.


KIM JONG PU, head coach of Hebei FC, said: "this is a very difficult game. Shanghai Port FC is excellent. In such a difficult period, our team members also tried their best. They showed great fighting spirit.



GK: Yan Junling

DF: Wang Shenchao; Wei Zhen; Yu Hai

MF: Li Shenyuan( 74 Chen Chunxin); Yang Shiyuan ( 12 Li Shenglong); Mirahmetjan( 74Li Ang)

FW: Zhang Huachen; Lopes ( 30 Abulahan Halike, 74 He Guan); Oscar

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