The Flames. Lyu Wenjun and Zhang Huachen continue to scored, Shanghai Port FC beat Wuhan FC by 3:0



Tonight, in the 13th round of the Chinese Super League, Shanghai Port FC beat Wuhan FC by 3-0 in Kunshan sports stadium.

The starting lineup has not been adjusted much


In this game, Shanghai Port FC head coach Leko basically used the starting lineup from the previous game. The only change is that Brazilian FW Lopes is on standby on the bench, and local FW Li Shenglong appear in the lineup.


Lyu Wenjun and Zhang Huachen scored again


In the game, Shanghai Port FC took the initiative and frequently attacked the goal of Wuhan FC. In the 38 minute, Lyu Wenjun's left cross, Wuhan FC Li Chao inadvertently headed his own goal in the confrontation with Zhang Huachen, and Shanghai Port FC entered the halftime with a 1-0 lead.


In the second half, Wuhan FC replaced foreign player Evrard to enhance the attack. In the 55 minute, Shanghai Port FC played at their best attack. After Paulinho and Oscar pass many players, Oscar hit the bottom cross and Lyu Wenjun who entered the penalty area on the left, scored his sixth goal of the season. In the 67 minute, Shanghai Port FC scored goals again. Oscar instigated the left attack. Lyu Wenjun passed the ball at the bottom. U23 player Zhang Huachen scored in the middle and rewrite the score to 3-0. It is worth mentioning that after young player Zhang Huachen scored his first goal in the Chinese Super League in the last round has scored again this time.

Finally, Shanghai Port FC won the game by 3-0 and received two victories.


On this Thursday @ At 16:30 pm, Shanghai Port FC will play against Hebei FC in Suzhou Olympic Sports Stadium.




Leko:Always adhere to the three goals and choose young players with my own standards


Shanghai Port FC head coach Leko said after the game: "I think from the first minute to the last minute of the game, we are the party with better control of the situation on the field. We not only have more control of the ball, create more scoring opportunities, but also turn the opportunities into goals. Here I would like to congratulate my players for playing a wonderful game. "

For the last two games in the first phase, Leko said: "we always have three goals: the first is to do better than the last game; The second is to win the next game, whether individual or team performance is equally important; Finally, don't focus too much on ranking scores, but pay more attention to others, but concentrate on your own game. "

Regarding the use of young players, Leko also has its own standards. "If you know me, you know, I won't give players opportunities casually. My requirement is that he deserves opportunities. I don't care much about the reputation or qualifications of players. Whether young players or old players, it's the same for me. In fact, I don't choose players, but players strive for them through their own efforts. They put themselves in such a position through hard training. I am very happy with the talents shown by Abulahan and Zhang Huachen, including young players such as Li Shenyuan, Wei Zhen, Chen Chunxin and Chen Binbin. They all work very hard in training. As long as you show your characteristics, I will see all this from my eyes. "

Li Xiaopeng, head coach of Wuhan FC, commented after the game: "there are problems in the deployment and strategy of this game. In this weather, it is difficult for the players to keep playing for 90 minutes. We don't do well in the order of rotation. The players played very hard on the field and put a positive attitude as a whole, but there is still a slight gap in strength between both sides. The own goal has the element of luck, but it is still caused by the pressure given to us by the competitor.


GK: Yan Junling

DF: Wang Shenchao; Wei Zhen; Yu Hai ( 74 Li Ang)

MF: Li Shenyuan; Zhang Huachen ( 80 Abulahan Halike); Yang Shiyuan; Lyu Wenjun (74 Chen Chunxin)

FW: Paulinho; Li Shenglong ( 69 Lopes); Oscar ( 80 Murahmetjan)

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