Poster. Act as One, Great Dedication

On the 9th August @ 20:30 pm

For the 13th round of CSL in 2021 season

Shanghai Port FC compete against Wuhan FC

Follow the Spot, Just Go

Be the Best of Yourself

Act as One

Great Dedication

 The History Record Between Two Teams


2021-07-19      Wuhan FC 0:0 Shanghai Port FC CSL

2020-09-15      Wuhan FC 1:2 Shanghai Port FC CSL

2020-08-12      Shanghai Port FC 2:1 Wuhan FC CSL

2019-07-28      Wuhan FC 1:1 Shanghai Port FC CSL

2019-05-01      Wuhan FC 1:3 Shanghai Port FC CSL

Shanghai Port FC

2021-08-06      Dalian Professionals 05 Shanghai Port FC CSL

2021-08-03      Changchun Yatai 2:1 Shanghai Port FC CSL

2021-07-31      Shanghai Port FC 1:0 Shanghai Shenhua CSL

2021-07-28      Beijing Guoan 1:1 Shanghai Port FC CSL

2021-07-22      Shanghai Port FC 1:0 Hebei FC CSL

Wuhan FC 

2021-08-06      Wuhan FC 1:1 Tianjin Jinmen Tiger CSL

2021-08-03      Beijing Guoan 2:1 Wuhan FC CSL

2021-07-31      Wuhan FC 2:2 Changchun Yatai CSL

2021-07-28      Shanghai Shenhua 0:0 Wuhan FC CSL

2021-07-22      Dalian Professionals 1:1 Wuhan FC CSL

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