The Flames. Shanghai Port FC beat Dalian Professionals by 5:0, Lyu Wenjun on behalf the club has play 400 leagues



At the end of 12th round of the CSL tonight, Shanghai Port FC beat Dalian professionals by 5-0. Lyu Wenjun expecting his 400 leagues on behalf of the club. Zhang Huachen and Abulahan Halike, two U23 players, scored their first goal in the CSL.

Continue to rotate the squad


In this game, Shanghai Port FC head coach Leko rotated the squad to ensure the overall physical fitness and combat effectiveness. In the center back position, He Guan and Li Ang as substitutes, and Yu Hai and Wang Shenchao served as the left and right center backs; The Brazilian player of Oscar, Paulinho and Lopes was positioned on the FW line.

The local players continued to have good momentum, and two U23 young players scored the first goal in the CSL


Shanghai Port FC scored in the 9 minute of the first half. Zhang Huachen received Paulinhos cross at the bottom line on the left and headed for the goal. Before the end of the half-time, Shanghai Port FC started a corner. After the ball was cleared, Yang Shiyuan scored directly. The team entered the halftime with a 2-0 lead.


In the second half, Shanghai Port FC quickly entered the condition, in the 56 minute, Lyu Wenjun shot with an arc ball to rewrite the score to 3-0. Since then, Shanghai Port FC replaced five starting players such as Oscar, Paulinho and Lyu Wenjun. After that, the performance of the substitute players was also excellent. In the 86 minute, Chen Chunxin's left cross, Abulahan jumped high and headed the goal at the back point. A minute later, Li Shenglong scored the 5th goal in the penalty area.


Next Monday at 20:30pm, Shanghai Port FC will play against Wuhan FC in Kunshan sports stadium.


Tonight, Lyu Wenjun, a 32-year-old local player of Shanghai Port FC expecting his 400 leagues for the club.


Lyu Wenjun, from Chongming Genbao academy, first appeared in the professional league as a player of Shanghai East Asia team in 2006, accompanied the team from the championship of China League Two in 2007 to the championship of China League One in 2012, and then won the first China Super League Championship in the history of the club with the team in 2018; In the 2019 China Football Association Super Cup final, Lyu Wenjun scored a goal to lock the championship trophy for the team.


Born as a FW, although he has been a player on the attack line for a long time, he can also be competent in multiple positions on the pitch. This season, under the tactical system of new head coach Leko, Lyu Wenjun, as the main left side defender of the team, also performed very well. In this year's League, Lyu Wenjun scored 5 goals in 11 appearances, and he scored 83 goals in 400 leagues for Shanghai Port FC.


Since Lyu Wenjun started with his career, he has spent 16 years in Shanghai Port Football Club (formerly Shanghai East Asia Football Club). In the 400 leagues, for this achievement for the club, Lyu Wenjun showed us the charm of persistence, which is the most fascinating characteristic in the football world.


Like a bond which tie up together, Lyu Wenjun is the witness of the club since 2005 and the recorder of the continuation of the team's history. The club sincerely thanks him for his full dedication and contribution over the years. In the future, he will continue to fight and together with the team to move forward!



Leko:Congratulate to the players and recognize the performance of the young players

Shanghai Port FC head coach Leko said at the post- game press conference: "in case of last defeat, we won this game. Such a victory can relax a bit and fix the players both mentally and physically. The field conditions of today's game are very good, which is conducive to the play of technical and tactical level. I would like to congratulate to my players on such a big victory, but we need to continue to look forward because we have to prepare for the next game tomorrow. "

Speaking of Lyu Wenjun, who played 400 leagues on behalf of the club, Leko said: "I give him the greatest respect. Being able to play 400 leagues for a club shows that both as a player and as a person, he is very mature. He is an important part of the club. I'm very happy that he has such achievements and I'm honored to be his coach. "

When evaluating the two U23 players who has scored goals, Leko said, "I trust young players and love to train and coach young players. I hope they can improve every week. Not only in terms of goals, they have done well in all aspects, such as Abulahan, Zhang Huachen, Li Shenyuan, Wei Zhen, etc. These young players have made great progress in the previous seven months. "

Dalian Professionals head coach Jose said: "I don't have much comment on this game because the competitor is really stronger than us. There were some scoring opportunities in the first half, but they were not caught because of mistakes, which led to the result in the second half. And the competitor took a 1-0 lead earlier. The 2-0 goal before the end of the first half hit us again. After 3-0 in the second half, I sent younger players and hope they can grow faster. The last two goals were a bit outrageous and should not have happened.


GK: Yan Junling

DF: Wang Shenchao; Wei Zhen; Yu Hai

MF: Li Shenyuan; Zhang Huachen( 73 Li Shenglong); Yang Shiyuan ( 82 Cai Huikang); Lyu Wenjun ( 73 Murahmetjan) 

FW: Paulinho ( 73 Abulahan Halike); Lopes; Oscar ( 67 Chen Chunxin)

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