The Flames. Li Shenglong contribute one goal, Shanghai Port FC defeat Shanghai Shenhua by 1:0



Tonight, for the 10th round of CSL,with the goal scored by local play Li Shenglong, Shanghai Port FC has defeat Shanghai Shenhua by 1:0.

Squad slightly changed, Li Ang and Abulahan as enter the starting list


Compared with the previous 2 rounds, head coach of Shanghai Port FC has slightly changed the squad. Li Ang has entered the starting lineup and positioned as left central defender; For U23 player, Abulahan Halike has replaced Zhang Huachen.

Oscar assists Li Shenglong to counter attack and score the goal


In the first half, after the initial stage of mutual temptation, both teams tried to attack. In the 22 mins, Shanghai Port FC goalkeeper Yan Junlings wonderful save has dissolved an excellent opponent for his competitor. In the 32 minute, Oscar steals the ball from Shenhuas Moreno, then dribble straight into the competitors penalty area, points the ball on the sidelines, and Li Shenglong shoots from a small angle. For this goal, Shanghai Port FC broke the deadlock. At the end of the half time, Shanghai Port FC led Shenhua by 1:0.


In the second half, Shenhua FC successively replaced five attacking players, including three foreign players. Shanghai Port FC hold on to the attack of the competitor, especially Yan Junling saved a goal opportunity by Yu Hanchao again. Finally, after 7 minutes of the additional time, Shanghai Port FC has won the derby.


The next game of the harbor team is "at 6:30 p.m. on August 3" against Changchun Yatai at Kunshan sports stadium.



Leko:Be proud of the hard work of the players on the field

Shanghai Port FC head coach Leko said after the game: "I am very happy to win the derby, for the players, the supporters and everyone at the club. I also said before the game that this game is very special and its a key thing. I am also very proud of the hard work of the players on the field. Shenhua is a very good competitor. What we didn't expect is that in the first round, we took the initiative on the field. Today, we have attack and defend against each other, but I think we deserve such a result, which is due to the efforts of the players. Of course, we will do better in the future. "

Leko is also very satisfied with the team spirit. "When a game is over, the whole team can sing, celebrate and take photos together, which is a very beautiful scene. We created a very good team and worked well together. I want to emphasize again that I am proud of the players' fighting spirit on the field. "

As for FW Lopes, Leko said: "I think Lopes has made his own contribution to the overall performance of the team today. He plays very hard on the field and constantly creates opportunities. He is one of the team's current leaders. His role on the pitch is more important than whether to score goals and help the team win. I believe that as long as he keeps playing hard, the goal will come. I am very satisfied with his performance today. "

Leko continued: "in the second half, Shenhua controlled the situation and created some opportunities. As I said just now, different from the first round, we were the dominant side, the competitor was the defensive side, and the competitor came back in the second half, which was better than the first round. But in football matches, sometimes the results have something to do with luck, and our efforts make us deserve such luck.

Choi Kang-Hee, head coach of Shanghai Shenhua, said after the game: "the players played well, but they failed to win the game. Over the years, we have never defeated our competitor in the league. We have prepared a lot, worked hard and paid a lot for this victory. All the responsibilities are leave it to me as the head coach. In fact, our physical fitness is good. The goal was lost because of the competitors counterattack. We would rather take some risks in the defend line in order to win. "


GKYan Junling

DF: He Guan ( 86 Yu Rui); Wei Zhen; Li Ang

MF: Wang Shenchao ( 83 Li Shenyuan); Abulahan Halike ( 61 Zhang Huachen); Yang Shiyuan; Lyu Wenjun

FW: Lopes, Li Shenglong;( 83 Mirahmetjan); Oscar

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